BLACK FRIDAY- Manage Your Renovation Bundle

$199.99 CAD


  • Final Walkthrough Punchlist DOWNLOAD
  • Change Order Template DOWNLOAD
  • Bathroom Budget Template DOWNLOAD
  • Kitchen Budget Template DOWNLOAD
  • Trade Agreement DOWNLOAD
  • Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities DOWNLOAD
  • Renovation Flow Chart DOWNLOAD
  • The Final Walkthrough e-book
  • Working with the Trades e-book
  • Creating A Construction Calendar e-book
  • Creating a Budget e-book
  • Manage Your Own Renovation e-book (1st book in the series)

This 5 e-book package contains the following:

  1.  Manage Your Own Renovation
  2.  Working with the Trades
  3.  Creating a Budget for your Renovation
  4.  Creating a Construction Calendar
  5.  The Final Walkthrough

Get all 5 e-books now to complete you series.